Check out the video we just did from the Garden Tomb!

This last Sunday, we were going to show a video we did on the Sea of Galilee. But after we shot and edited that and had it ready to roll, we were given last minute permission to film in the Garden Tomb in Israel.

This was a unique opportunity and we took a film crew in and shot the story of the resurrection of Jesus from the Gospel of John in HD video. I have to tell you, it was a great thrill for me to preach there and especially with no crowds around. We got some amazing video that you really ought to check out.

The Garden tomb is believed by many to be the actual place that Jesus rose from the dead. Why is that? You will have to watch the video the find out the answer.

Click here to watch the video.


6 thoughts on “Check out the video we just did from the Garden Tomb!”

  1. Anne Maltes says:

    I really enjoyed that you shared the trip with those who couldn’t go. The video crew did a great job!

  2. David says:

    Hi Pastor Greg and Harvest Team,
    All of the video clips from Israel are GREAT. I do hope and look forward and seeing the messages available on DVD. I would like to be the first one to get my hands on this resource. As a family we read the Bible with our children Sarah and Isaac ages 10 and 7. I am always going to the internet to look up places after reading scripture so the kids can see the places we just read about. Thank you to all for your time and gifts.

  3. Ruben Rodriguez says:

    Being there must have been truly exciting, and reading the bible passages that narrate the actual events, surely unforgettable! Thank you so much for bringing us with you on your trip through these videos, and for ministering the word of God so clearly always.

  4. Marie says:

    Wow, I think I would kiss the ground if I stood in the place where Jesus became one with the Father again. How wonderful you and your team were given the opportunity to be in that place and give us such a wonderful message from there. Imagine how awesome it will be to walk hand in hand with Him one day.Praise God!

  5. Agnes Stevens says:

    On Sunday I watched your video and sermon live from your website at Harvest Church at 10:45 EST., which I get to do every Sunday at that time. It was good, Past Greg. We missed you guys and gals from Harvest but happy too that your were enjoying your trip to Israel and are now safely back in Riverside.

    With the two videos I was able to see Jerusalem like it is now and like it was then at the tomb. I would say ‘awesome’ but only God is awesome. You pack a great sermon and have led me far in my walk of faith.

    May our loving Father, God Almighty continue to speak his word through you until Jesus comes because I too think Jesus will be coming soon.

    Last night I watched an old movie by Pastor John Hagee and Jack Van Impe made in 1990 I think. “Judgement” and the evening before the third of the set. I was ready to crawl under my bed viewing the evil that was going on in that movie and we know some of it will happen.

    Well, at my age it would take a miracle if I was able to get under the bed and someone would have to move my bed to help me stand up and my bed is not moveable easy for I am eighty-three.

    There will be much evil after the Rapture of His people. We can’t pray for you enough or ask enough blessings for you without wanting to say more prayers and blessing for you.

    I enjoy the story of how you were young in your faith and a teen and converted your first person.

    God Bless you, your wife and your family,
    Your sister-in=Christ Jesus,

  6. Terry C says:

    Are you going to post this on your site?

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