A new church is born . . . in LA!

Core Church
Today, we launched a new congregation of believers in Los Angeles called “Core Church.” We were thrilled to see 850  preople come on out for our first service. What was amazing was  seeing some 65 people make commitments to follow Jesus Christ. That is an amazing response for a crowd that size.

This new work in LA is being led by Steve Wilburn. Steve has been on staff with us at Harvest for 14 years and attended our church for 25. He has led our High School Ministry for many yearsand has a great passion for a great city.

One of the things that fascinated me about this new church launch was that we got the word out almost completely through “new media” outlets like our website, e-blasts (mass emails), blogs and “tweets.” We also tagged our A New Beginning radio program, and Steve and did an interview with Frank Pastore on KKLA.

If you live in the LA area, check out this great new church. For more information on Core Church, click here.

An Amazing Story
One story that came to my attention from the first service at Core Church was of a man whose spiritual journey goes back at least 10 years. His father, a Christian, was dying of cancer. He asked his son to listen to some cassette tapes of some preacher before he went to heaven, but the son never did.
He had no interest in God or church at that point in his life.

Fast-forward 10 years now. The son noticed the signs up for Core Church in L.A  Since he only lived two blocks away, he decided to check it out. Understand, this young man had never been to church!

So he takes his seat and Pastor Steve Wilburn introduces me as the speaker that day. This young man remembered my name from somewhere . . . Then it dawned on him that  Greg Laurie was the name on the tapes his father had given him to listen to. Now he was listening to me in person.

Hey, better late then never!

Best of all, he went forward at the invitation and gave his life to Jesus Christ! Now that’s a story for the books!

17 thoughts on “A new church is born . . . in LA!”

  1. Joey says:

    Pastor Wilburn …. He really really Rocks and It’s great to have a Calvary Church in the LA area. It would benefit any Calvary Chapel members to go to this church if they are in the LA area.


  2. BLanca says:

    THis can only be God’s answer to my prayers!
    IT has been one of the most difficult decisions to sell my place in Corona and head out to leave in LA closer to work, becasue of having to leave my home Church- Harvest/Cosecha. Today a friend invited me to this bible study at “Core Church” to my surprise when i looked it up, PAstor Steve is the one leading it! YAY!!!! THanks God!

  3. Allen says:

    Was sad to see Steve leave Harvest. Can not recall ever seeing anyone so passionate about Christ and truly believeing in others. But you can be sure that Core Church will be in my prayers and on my to do list. 🙂 Thanks again. -ALLEN

  4. della says:

    I am very happy for pastor steve but very sad. i will miss him dearly, but he is doing the work of the Lord! go steve ! go steve ! love ya my brother

  5. Kerri says:

    May Pastor Steve be blessed through his new journey!!!
    He will be dearly missed by my family at Harvest in Riverside. My entire family has dedicated their life to Christ at his Day7 Service and our lives are changed forever!!!
    We will come visit your new church very soon.
    Thank you!
    Kerri Davis

  6. Gina says:

    My family and I have prayed for years for a church to come to our neighborhood. Thank you
    Jesus! It were so excited and thankful to worship with you and yours. We were all wondering why Pastor Steve was so “animated” this last service and now we know his passion was the saving our youth.
    We can’t wait to see our church grow as we grow
    in Our Lord Jesus.

  7. paola says:

    where is this core church. I live in westwood and have been drivng to Menifee revival


  8. Cyndi Podlaski says:

    Thanks to Steve and his wife for there faithfulness. It was fun to go and be at the first service for The Core Church. Great message, worship and it will be fun to see what the Lord has planned for this church in the future. God bless The Core Church. Remember to keep the church and everyone associated with it in prayer.

    Cyndi P.
    Ranco Cucamonga, CA

  9. Steve says:


    My family lives up in Victorville and we attend Church whom one of your friends is the pastor, Dennis Davenport. We have been attending his church for almost 3 years now and love hearing God’s words and wisdom through Dennis. I was saved by you over 15 years ago at Calvary Chapel in Riverside. My wife and family are planning on attending Harvest Crusade this year for the first time. Thank you so much for continuing your ministry and saving so many people through our Lord Jesus Christ.

    I pray that the new Core Church continues to thrive and prosper for there are many people who are desperate for his name in that city.

    God Bless,

    Steve S.
    Victorville, CA.

  10. Tanya says:

    Wow, that just gave me chills! Go Steve (and Greg 🙂 I am so excited for Pastor Steve’s new church and are praying for you guys, however my teenagers are very sad to see Steve leave Harvest. I am looking forward to visiting the Core Church soon. Blessings to you guys, God is using you in mighty ways, what an honor!

  11. Greg Denhan says:

    Great job and praise the Lord!!
    Acts 1:8
    Greg Denham

  12. Bill Wolverton says:

    Dear Greg,

    Sounds like the Holy Spirit is really doing a powerful work at that new Core Church!

    I attend Calvary Chapel of Aurora http://www.calvaryaurora.org/ where Ed Taylor is senior pastor.

    I understand that there are possible plans for a Harvest Crusade here in the mile high city of Denver! That would be awesome if a crusade was held here! This city really needs it!

    God bless you and your ministry!

    Bill W
    Denver, Colorado

  13. Maria says:

    Great story! It’s amazing how the Lord works. Blessings to Core Church and it’s new beginnings 🙂 Thanks for sharing this Pastor Greg.

  14. Debbie says:

    I went to Core Church this morning to encourage pastor Steve. It was a wonderful blessing to see the fresh work of God in the City of Angels. His faithfulness is so amazing, that father had prayed for his son over 10 years ago, and today we see the fruit of his prayers. Let us never grow weary in well doing and remember not to lose hope as we pray for those around us.

  15. Crystal says:

    Praise God! He works in mysterious ways! Praise God for Steve & his wife. May they be blessed greatly. We will miss hearing him speak on sunday nights at Harvest. God Bless!

  16. Elizabeth says:

    It’s so amazing how God works—and all in His own timing! Praise the Lord!

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