Leading Others To Christ, This Sunday At Harvest!

The Southern California Harvest is only days away! So, to help you prepare, I’m speaking this Sunday at Harvest on “How to Lead Someone to Christ.”

For a lot of us, it breaks down with “popping the question, ” the moment when we ask the person we are sharing with, “Would you like to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior right now?”

Many are just waiting . . . waiting for someone like you or me to ask them. I’ll tell you more about how to do it this Sunday.

Service times are 7:45 A.M., 9:45 A.M., 9:45 A.M., 11:45, and 5:00 P.M. If you can’t make it out to Harvest in Riverside, you can watch the live webcast here.

3 thoughts on “Leading Others To Christ, This Sunday At Harvest!”

  1. Jeremiah Zebulon Sullivan says:

    Father spoke to me directly through your speaking yesterday, and I have to say, it was such a relief to hear you focus on Christ and not religion… Thank you so much for being you Greg, it is an honour to be conencted with you.

    See you at ANGEL stadium <3 Blessings Amen <3


    Pastor Greg
    I would like to thank you for leading me to Christ through your Radio Nroadcast A New Beginning on Tuesday 14th October 2008 at 6.25AM Melbourne Time/
    IN Christ I Stand

  3. Brooke Huley says:

    I have been listening to your sermons on my iPod for 3 years, but as I just moved from Virginia to Los Angeles, CA, I was able to come to your service today. It was such a wonderful message!!! I was really blessed and moved by your church. Thank you, Pastor Greg!

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