Watch the Southern California Harvest on TV TODAY!

Hey everyone!

You can watch the second night of the Southern California Harvest on TV TODAY around the world!
My message title is “A Second Chance In Life.” There will be music from Phil Wickham, Revive, and others.
It happens on TBN at 2:00 P.M., Pacific Time. For more info, click here.
You can also watch this entire Crusade night right here at

3 thoughts on “Watch the Southern California Harvest on TV TODAY!”

  1. chuck says:

    watching from Maui, Hawaii. Mahalo for being on TV for us this beautiful day the Lord has made. Have a Glorious Day! Aloha

  2. Lisa says:

    I could watch this service over and over again. I was so encouraged, especially by the words of Greg and Steven Curtis. We all said goodbye to our children around the same time. I loved that Steven Curtis talked about going into his sound studio so no one else could hear him cry out. I have waited till I was alone in my house or in my car so many times so I could just scream , without anyone hearing me ,except for God. I truly don’t know how someone can walk away from their child’s lifeless body, without knowing that this is only the beginning of their son or daughter’s life. Although I have questioned whether I would be okay, I have never doubted that my Jonathan is in the safest place he could ever be – The longing for Heaven is so great now, but the longing to tell others about, Jesus who purchased our salvation and made a way for us to be there is the reason to stay here.

  3. Scott says:

    thank you for informing, we would not have known about this telecast. if my health allows, we hope to be at Harvest Chicago in 4 weeks. God bless you for continuing to shine His light.

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