Video from the Garden Tomb

Here’s a special sneak peek from our Hope from the Holy Land DVD project. You can learn more about this new resource here.

4 thoughts on “Video from the Garden Tomb”

  1. madeline says:

    Pastor Greg,
    my son was only 25 years old when he had a pain in his chest and had gall bladder sx…only to fine out that he really had pulmonary hypertension…11 months later my son went to be with the LORD after a pulmonary embolism..Aug.12 2010…My heart is broken and I needed to share this with someone who would understand the pain…Eric was only 26 years old and a wonderful man of GOD..I feel lost without him…My husband and I are also dealing with my step daughter terminal cancer only 28years old…already went to her bones …..just needed to talk to someone…

  2. JASON says:

    Thank you Greg
    Our Lord gives us Hope and He has plans for our lives.
    God bless you Brother Greg

  3. Jeri Saboe says:

    I made a donation via credit card about a week ago and look forward to receiving “Hope From the Holy Land” soon. My ladies Bible Study group is finishing up one of our workbook studies in a couple of weeks and we then plan to use the “Hope From the Holy Land” DVD as a study. We are all looking forward to this treat! Thank you Greg!

  4. Linda Clough says:


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