The Chicago Harvest Crusade starts tonight!

My message title is “What Do You Live For?”
Special music by the Katinas and the David Crowder Band.
Watch it live at

8 thoughts on “The Chicago Harvest Crusade starts tonight!”

  1. JOE says:

    My family and I had a wonderful time. It was great to rock on with my children of 6,8,10 in a wonderful place of worship, while seeing new believers give their lives to the Lord.
    Great time, Great people, Great God.
    Thanks, so much.

  2. Jim Bellamy says:

    Me and my wife listen to you on 106.9 The light. We need this kind of teaching. Also
    our 25 year old son past away on April29,2010. I have heard you speak of your son, I know it hurts! Thanks, Jim Bellamy

  3. celita everet says:

    I was there Friday night. It was incredible to worship sweet Jesus with soooo many. To see so many at the alter call made my heart skip a beat. Imagine how our Lord felt!!! Praise Him for moving in and throught each of you this weekend. Wish I could be there tonight (have a bad head cold 🙁 ) Praying for you guys tonight. Let the spirit move like a mighty wind to awaken in those who already know Him and make residence in those who don’t and may it be all for His glory. Thank you for doing this.

  4. Friends and Family says:

    Tonight at the Chicago Harvest – Kirk Franklin and Skillet are the bands.

    Last night’s message was excellent. I am sorry some of you couldn’t make it; however, there are two night left – Saturday and Sunday nights.

    They are calling Sunday night, The Night of Hope. Both Steven Curtis Chapman and Pastor Greg Lorie are going to be sharing a personal story that you won’t want to miss.

    I hope you can make it. Please view about You Tube taken yesterday in Chicago – just a 20 second clip.


  5. Pwaayne says:

    One more thing Greg….Chicago is NOT called the Windy City because of the wind. This originated many years ago because of the Windy politicians. Milwaukee and Boston are officially much windier than Chicago. We want to make you are real Chicagoan and are glad you are here. Phil

  6. Pwaayne says:

    I was on the bus in downtown Chicago and I saw Pastor Greg and Levi Lusko taking pictures at the corner of Michigan Avenue and Chicago Avenue. I was shocked to see them. Pastor Greg was shivering. It wasn’t that cold Greg. Great things are going to happen tonight!!!!!

  7. Oneida Thorne says:

    Thanks for caring! See you tonight.

  8. Edward Alopogianis says:

    Thank you our hearts cry is always going to be more Lord please let your will be done not mine

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