Going Coast to Coast

Well, the Harvest Crusades season has officially begun for me. Our outstanding Harvest Crusades team has been working hard behind the scenes for months now, but my more “official” part is now in full swing.

Today, our Harvest Crusades team is meeting with a few hundred pastors at Angel Stadium in Anaheim in preparation for our upcoming Southern California Harvest, August 15-17. I will tell you more about that really soon.

By the way, here is what the bumper sticker looks like for the Southern California Harvest:
Socal Bumper Sticker

To learn more about the Southern California Harvest Crusade, click here.

After that meeting, we fly out to Philadelphia. I have three objectives while I am there.

Objective #1: To speak to more than 300 pastors from the greater Philadelphia area at a breakfast sponsored by Christian radio station WFIL to encourage them in the work that God has called them to do. After all, pastors DO need encouragement! Registration is closed for the breakfast, but you can find out more about the event when you click here.

Objective #2: To speak in the evening to the people of Calvary Chapel of Philadelphia. This is a large, vibrant church pastored by a good friend of mine, Joe Focht. My message title will be “What’s Your Story?” and it will focus on how we can more effectively share the gospel. To find out more about Calvary Chapel of Philadelphia, click here.

Philly Cheesesteak

Objective #3: I am determined to have a genuine Philadelphia cheesesteak! I have tried cheesesteaks in other parts of the country,and they just don’t compare to the original Philly version. As my friends on the East Coast say, “Forgetaboutit!” I like them with extra peppers!

These meetings are also to prepare people for our upcoming Greater Philadelphia Harvest at the Wachovia Center, October 3-5.

Here is a look at the design for the Philadelphia event:
Philadelphia Harvest 08 with Greg Laurie

You can add these web banners to your own Web site to help promote the event. For more info on the Greater Philadelphia Harvest and to get a banner for your Web site, you can visit the Philly Web site by clicking here.

So please remember this trip in prayer. Thanks.

5 thoughts on “Going Coast to Coast”

  1. Yolanda says:

    Pastor Laurie have you ever considered doing a Harvest Crusade in Arizona?

  2. Cindy says:

    Pastor Greg,
    I heard you for the first time in person last night at my Church and understand why God has put you in this ministry. Many came forward to receive Christ last night,it was a great turn out. I have never been to a Harvest Crusade, but am praying about what God will have me to do with regards to this outreach. I use to help with some of the missionaries from my last Church. They would set up a booth at the local Pennsylvania Fair in May, and I would help give out gospel tracts, praying and leading many to the Lord. Last night you really made an impact on me to find my place in ministry at Calvary Chapel. I’ve been here for 2 1/2 years now, after God led me out of my Church home because of doctrinal errors. May God’s power, provisions,and protection continue to be with you.

  3. Anne says:

    I look forward to going this year and am bringing some friends who have never been to one and need more of God and less of them. I will be praying as you and your team continue to prepare and for the weekend of the crusades.

  4. Karyn says:

    Pastor Greg,

    I will be lifting you and your family up in prayer, for sure.

    I just read your devotional for today, and just had to say “Amen”. It’s so true that so many people today are willing to stand up for what they believe in, and even die for their beliefs. Yet, Christians, who have the only message that can truly save a life for eternity, that of Christ’s death and resurrection, seem to be so afraid to speak it. I, of course, have to include myself in this category much more often than I would like to admit. What’s wrong with this picture? Thank you, Pastor Greg, for being willing to take a stand for Christ and not be ashamed of His truth. Thank you for being an imitator of Christ and the awesome power of a resurrected life.

    May God continue to bless you and your family.

  5. Beth says:

    I’ve never been to a Harvest Crusade, but I’m looking forward to this year’s! When you put the web banners up that the FAQ talks about, I’ll definitely put one on my blog!

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