Lost Boy showing Tuesday night in Southern California

Attention all Socal People!
The film about my life, Lost Boy: The Next Chapter is showing tomorrow night at the Lido Theatre in Newport Beach.
There are two showings.
I will be there speaking briefly after each showing.
If you would like to attend click here.

One thought on “Lost Boy showing Tuesday night in Southern California”

  1. Jamie Jones says:

    Greg, went to the first showing last night in Newport Beach.
    Congrats on the Gideon Festival in June 2010 and last year at Outreach Film Festival in San Diego.
    LOST BOY is an extremely well made documentary that captures the viewers and makes us laugh and cry, while presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ in an extremely winsome, appealing, intelligent way. Great to see some of the photos when Chuck Smith and then you were baptizing people in the ocean at Corona Del Mar Beach (or somewhere near there).
    I think the video is worthy of a movie.
    If you need some contacts let me know. There are some out there who would fund the project.
    Jamie Jones

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