The Seattle Harvest is only days away!

This weekend we will have our last crusade of the year.

Please be praying for the great city of Seattle. Seattle is known as one of the most unchurched cities in America. A friend of mine who is a pastor there says, “There are more dogs in Seattle than Christians!” We are praying that many residents of Seattle and the Puget Sound will hear the gospel for the first time and that many of them will come to believe in and follow Jesus Christ.

Our event will be held at the Key Arena, which seats up to 17,000 people. I will be joined by some amazing musicians, including MercyMe, Jeremy Camp, Jars of Clay, The Katinas, Kutless, Hawk Nelson, Revive, and others.

On Sunday night, we will once again have what we call “An Evening of Hope,” but this time with a different twist. I’ll tell you more in my next few posts, but for now, let’s pray for Seattle.

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5 thoughts on “The Seattle Harvest is only days away!”

  1. L.P. says:

    Hi, Greg-

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, and again thank you so much for coming to Seattle!!!!!!

    I will be praying for you and the Crusade-

    God bless you-

  2. Asha says:

    I’m so exited your team is coming to Seattle! There are so many hurting people in our state that will benefit from you taking the time to share God’s Word and hope. We don’t see too many large Christian events here, so it was a pleasant surprise to see and hear about the crusade (I’ve definitely been waiting for the Harvest Crusade to come to Seattle!). PTL!

  3. mike says:

    MY family is praying for the whole team! May the Holy Spirit move like never before. God be with all of you!!

  4. Mira says:

    We are so excited to have you come here to Seattle. We are praying that many come and hear the Message and are drawn to the Lord and what He has to offer.
    Thank you for your faithfulness in wanting to reach the lost.

  5. Scott says:

    Hi Greg,

    Thanks for coming to Seattle as many times as you have this year. I was born in Seattle and know thousands of people in the Puget Sound Region. I have been praying for revival in the cities around my area for years. It is amazing how God has allowed the timing of this Harvest Crusade.

    Many people here are spiritual, but spiritually dead to Christ. The way to reach them is through the Holy Spirit, not another ”seeker friendly” twist of the Gospel.

    I know that you are all about preaching Jesus. If you stay true to the Word of God (and I know you do and will) people will respond. It is amazing how open people are when you just love them and show compassion. You will experience this as you walk, pray, and talk with people on the streets of Seattle and beyond.

    I look forward to a great harvest–that I believe could not only go national, but even around the world!

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