This Sunday at Harvest I will speak on the topic “Christ before Christmas.”

Some may think that that Jesus ‘began’ at Bethlehem.

While it is true that in that manger is where God entered our world as a man, that is not where Jesus Himself began. Jesus is God; thus He has always existed. In fact, He made many pre-Bethlehem appearances. We call those “Christophanies.”

What is a “Christophany?”

Where are they? Jesus alluded to this in John 8:56 when He said that “Abraham ‘saw’ his day and was glad. Did Jesus and Abraham actually meet? If so, when and where? I will explore some of the pre-Bethlehem appearances of Jesus Christ in my message on Sunday.

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They “Why” of Christmas.

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  1. DanielL.Black says:

    Thank you pastor Greg, I listen to you on kdry
    I get your daily devotions and I even write in
    questions for you to answer. I just love your
    sermons! Thanks for all you give me every day!
    Keep up the good preaching and the good fight.
    Daniel in Pennsylvania.

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