This Sunday at Harvest Riverside: “A (Messed Up) Family Christmas!”

Christmas is almost here, and that means getting together with family.
And that is part of the problem! Because we all have pretty messed up families!
The good news is that God can intervene even in the most dysfunctional families.
Guess what?
Jesus Christ Himself came from a very unusual family tree.
He had some rather unsavory characters that made their way into the most exclusive genealogy in human history, I am speaking of course of the family tree of Jesus Christ!
I will be talking about that this Sunday at Harvest in all of our services in my message “A (Messed Up) Family Christmas!”

Fernando Ortega

I will also be joined this Sunday at Harvest by musician extrodinare, Fernando Ortega.
Fernando will be at all four services,which are at 7:45/9:45/11:45 am and 5:00 pm.
There will also be special Christmas music from our own Harvest Worship Band.
So come join us in person or watch it all live at

One thought on “This Sunday at Harvest Riverside: “A (Messed Up) Family Christmas!””

  1. Sarah says:

    I watched your message from Jerusalem today…the connection was SO GOOD…it was a blessing..Merry Christmas. Sarah Denham

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