We will have a Pre-Christmas Eve service tonight in Orange County!

Tonight at Harvest Orange County we will be having our “Eve before Christmas Eve” service.
There is going to be an amazing concert featuring the outstanding Harvest Worship Band performing all your Christmas favorites, some like you have never heard before.
My message title is “A (Messed up) Family Christmas.”
If you are like me, then you did not come from a ‘perfect family.’ Rather,you might describe yourself as coming from a ‘dysfunctional family’. Despite that, God can put broken things back together, including families.
We will talk about that as well as focus on who I believe is the ‘unsung hero’ of the Christmas story, exempting Jesus Himself.
This person went the extra mile and then some. But they are usually passed over.
Can you guess who that might be?
More on that tonight.
It all starts at 7:00 pm.
For more info,go to www.harvest.org/oc/.

One thought on “We will have a Pre-Christmas Eve service tonight in Orange County!”

  1. Ernest says:

    I am a recovered alcoholic save by the grace of God. I let my addiction cost me my first family, wife and children. 20 years later I have been given a second chance by the Lord to be the husband and father I failed to be the first time.My wife, 9 year old daughter and I are sharing our Christmas with a friend whose family has all but disowned him, at which time we hope to share God’s love though Jesus Christ with him. Please pray our words and example reach his heart

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