What if this were your last year to live ?

2011 is almost here.
What if you went to a doctor and he told you you have only one year to live?
Would you live your life any differently?
Are there things you would do less of?
More of?
Things you would stop altogether or start doing that you have never done?
What about relationships?
Are there people you would talk to and what would you say?
I bring this up because that is the theme for my message this week that I will give at Harvest Orange County on Thursday and Harvest Riverside on Sunday.
I may even use some of your comments.
So, opine away.
“If this were my last year to live I would . . . ”

44 thoughts on “What if this were your last year to live ?”

  1. Rose says:

    I had already thought about that question, of course as a christian, I am not afraid of death, more so, I am ready. I would try to save as many people as I can before I depart from this world, starting with my family and friends. For them to believe, have faith and hope in Jesus Christ our Lord, if they want to see me again in the Kingdom of God for eternity, they would have to be born again. This is my journey

  2. virginia M says:

    To tell u the truth I would probably freak out if I was just told I only had a year to live.I have 2 lil girls and a son on the way.I would be sad and scared for them.I would not want my children to grow up without there mother.I didn’t have a father growing up and that was hard,but when you are little your mom is your everything.
    I guess I don’t have a strong faith in the lord,I would like to but have no idea how to claim it.I ask daily,I read the bible and pray with my children and alone.I don’t know how to have complete faith.How does that come?I want it but it wont come.

  3. Ken L. says:

    I actually just got diagnosed with cancer so this could actually be my last year. I got behing a car today with big scripture letters saying No weapon formed against you will prosper. No accident God put that car ahead of me.But as Paul said, To live is Christ and to die is gain. So what do I have to worry about? This light affliction pales in contrast to the Glory of Heaven with Christ!

  4. Juan Luis says:

    In One word: I’ll try to serve God as much i can.

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