Tonight at Harvest Orange County I will speak about “Genuine Imitations.”

We have all seen knock-offs of popular products, music, clothes, etc. Whenever something is successful, there are the inevitable imitations to follow.

Did you know that happens in the spiritual world too? Satan has his “knock-offs” or “genuine imitations” of real Christians out there. It’s one of his most clever strategies.

An Oxymoron

The very phrase “genuine imitation” is what we call an oxymoron. An oxymoron is a figure of speech that combines contradictory terms.

But sadly, there are some people pretending to be Christians when they are not.

Wheat and Tares

Jesus told a parable about wheat and tares being planted together.

One, the wheat, was genuine. The other, the tare, was not.

How can we tell a real believer from a “fake” one? More importantly, are we real believers? We will learn more about that tonight at Harvest Orange County.

Bring someone with you who does not yet know the Lord.

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One thought on “Tonight at Harvest Orange County I will speak about “Genuine Imitations.””

  1. Mike & Kay Bagramian says:

    My family and I just want to thank you for making the effort to bring the truth to us in OC. We attend thursday nights regularly and are doing and will continue to do as much as we can financially to support Harvest OC in building and maintaining the new Church.
    Your teaching is a great blessing to our family and through your words we receive hope and assurance of God’s plan for us. Recently you reminded us not to put our hope in a church or a preacher. We need to rely on Jesus as the truth. All together you may be right. But my family and I feel that calling yourself “just a preacher” is like calling Billy Graham “just a preacher”. Through my life I’ve seem many “preachers”. Then there are men that God has chosen to speak directly through to effect our hearts and minds and make us think strongly and positively about our lives. With all your family has gone through since your son Christopher’s death you have continued to inspire us with with your honest feelings in wondering “why” yet still not wavering in your faith and that Jesus has everything under control and we must have total trust in His plan. Everyone has a story and I wish I could sit and just talk with you for awhile someday. Your family is always in our hearts. We originally met under very uncomfortable circumstances and I very often regret bothering you on that day. You were siting at Christopher’s graveside and I came up to you wanting to let you know how sad we felt for you and your family-but it really was not the time. I’m sorry to this day. My son Harry and I say hi on Thursdays when we can. Can’t wait till next time. Thank you.



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