What is happening in our world right now?

The early church changed the world around them; it was said that they “turned the world upside down.” This is what we aspire to at Harvest—in Orange County, Riverside, as well as nationwide and internationally with our Harvest Crusades.

We want to change the world around us, but there is a question we must consider, since the church is made of individuals like you and me: Are you changing the world, or is the world changing you? I will be sharing a message on this topic, this Thursday, which is titled “What Every Last Days Believer Needs to Know.”

With everything going on in Egypt, and the Middle East in general, we should always look to the Scripture for what it has to say about turmoil in the Middle East, especially when Israel is involved in any way. Hear about what the true Word of God has to say about end-times events this Thursday.

We have a special announcement we want to share with everyone this Thursday as well, regarding our new church campus in Orange County.

It will be a week you won’t want to miss out on!

6 thoughts on “What is happening in our world right now?”

  1. Adriana says:

    This would be a great message specialy for the non believers who are looking into end times prophecies that are non biblical ex; Aztec calendars…etc It would be perfect to take friends and families and hear the true message.

  2. Tona says:

    We are witnessing for ourselves that the nations are beginning to surround Israel. The wars, rumors about war, the powerful earthquakes, the natural disasters. The beginning of sorrows.
    Now, I understand why God was trying to get my attention, about a year ago. One could say I was sleeping.
    I’m glad, that a good friend of mine told me to get into the word, and to start listening only to Christian music and bible studies
    In order to protect myself from evil attacks (which have happened)

  3. valenchine says:

    I see the warnings of Matthew24,Global warning,not Warming….the falling away of preaching the full council of God….antichrist ramping up

  4. Rosie says:

    Keep on keeping on brother. I am blessed at how the Lord is using you in ministry. Go on and go strong. He is our joy

  5. Jav. says:

    By way of deception and blindness, the rulers of darkness and evil are shaping this world to prepare to take down as many of God’s creation with it into damnation.

  6. Mychelle says:

    I hope this will be available online. I really want to hear it.

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