The “Start!” Bible wins award!

The Start! Bible, filled with notes I had the privilege of writing, just won an award from “2011 Outreach Resources of the Year,” Outreach magazine announced today.
The Start! Bible won in the best “Pass-Along Resources” category.
We are thankful to God for this acknowledgement.
I hope you all will get one for yourself and another to “pass along” to someone you know.
The Start! Bible is perfect for believers who want to understand the Bible better, but it is especially helpful to those who are new in the faith.

3 thoughts on “The “Start!” Bible wins award!”

  1. Dee Galvin says:

    everytime we buy one we end up giving it away to someone who needs a bible. Praise the Lord. My daughter led a girl to the Lord and gave her our last one, needless to say we need to buy more Start bibles. It is one of the best bibles I have ever had the privledge to read, and I will get one for myself to keep, but this time I am going to write my name in it, so that I don’t give it away. I will always try to keep some on hand to give away to anyone who needs it. To God be all the Glory. and thank you Greg for being obedient. In Christ, Dee

  2. Bill Gaskins says:

    Greg, your sermons in the morning on kkla,(on my way to work in Long Beach, Ca.) are a big part of why I turned my life over to GOD. I’ve always believed in GOD and JESUS, but I was raised Catholic,(I went to catholic school for 8 years!) When I started to learn about what the Bible really meant, I was amazed, very little was ever said about the Bible in school or the church. I had been listening to you for about 2 weeks when I had the worst anxiety episode I’d ever had,(I was at work)I really thought I was going to die. I went out to my car and all I could remember was GOD can do anything, so I asked for help. Now I’ve asked for help before, but it didn’t come from the heart. HE answered, and in less than an hour I was fine, that had never happened. I now listen faithfully and everything you talk about is directed right at me. Keep up the great work! I often pray to the LORD to bless you, because you are a blessing to me. Many thanks. I hope this letter wasn’t to long. GOD bless. Bill.

  3. José Angel Llamas says:

    I would like to know if The Start ! Bible is going to be available in Spanish Soon!!!

    Thank You!!!

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