Pray for Christchurch, New Zealand!

Our hearts go out to our friends in Christchurch, New Zealand after they have survived a 6.3-magnitude earthquake. Christchurch is the second-largest city in New Zealand and the site of a wonderful evangelistic crusade we were able to hold, back in 2006.I remember this charming city well and the warmth of the people there.

A friend from Christchurch wrote us and told us the following:

Many are still being rescued alive but there are many who have died.

The inner city area is in a very serious situation.

Much off the city is without water and electricity.

A number of our iconic churches have suffered what appears to be

irreparable damage.

The people are traumatized.

There was little sleep last night with terrifying aftershocks going all night.

Let’s pray for the emergency personnel as they tend to those in need, that they would be helped by God in their valiant rescue efforts. Let’s especially pray for the churches there—that they can reach out with the only real hope we have in this life: a relationship with Jesus Christ.

I will be going to New Zealand in June of this year for a crusade in Auckland. May God be glorified in this wonderful country, despite this tragedy, and may many turn to the Lord.

2 thoughts on “Pray for Christchurch, New Zealand!”

  1. Frank Avila says:

    I was blessed to be a part of the 2006 group that went to minister in Christchurch. I met and still communicate with a brother named Hans. His in laws lost their home in the 7.1 earthquake that stuck earlier. Hans was working in Auckalnd in preparation for this year’s crusade when the earthquake hit. Please pray for the well-being of his wife and family.

  2. Robert says:

    I saw it on the news this morning what happen to Christchurch New Zealand,that was a pretty bad earth quake. I prayed when I saw it.

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