Tonight at Harvest/OC – “Walking with Jesus through the Storms of Life”


Sometimes we know they are coming and prepare ourselves ahead of time. But other times they come suddenly and with great force. One thing is clear: you cannot control them; you can only react.

The Gospels have multiple stories of storms on the sea of Galilee and how the disciples faced them. These storms could be seen as a metaphor for the those hardships, challenges, problems, and even tragedies we all inevitably face in life.

How do we get through the storms of life?

The storms of life. How do we face them? How do we get through them?

We will talk about that tonight in the message, “Walking with Jesus through the Storms of Life,” from Matthew 14.

It’s part of our Follow Me! series from Matthew’s Gospel.

It all happens at Harvest Orange County TONIGHT at 7:00 pm.

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One thought on “Tonight at Harvest/OC – “Walking with Jesus through the Storms of Life””

  1. Rosie says:

    This message is like heaven opening up and saying I both see and hear you my sweet daughter. Thank you Pastor Laurie.

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