Harvest Orange County is Coming!

Harvest Orange County officially starts Sunday morning services on April 10.
Service time will be 11:30 am.
I will be there speaking live.
For more info, go to http://www.harvest.org/oc/

2 thoughts on “Harvest Orange County is Coming!”

  1. Isaac Maysonet says:

    God bless You, your family and Harvest church. I found out about you through your radio program that i heard through a christian radio app on my android phone. I then searched for you on the android market and came across the Harvest app. Truly it has been an excellent tool for biblical study and on many occasions My wife and I have watched or listened to your sermons as part of our “Bible time.” my brother and i also watch many of your sermons and have wonderful conversations on the bible as we follow along. It is good to know that God fearing servents are working tirelessly to bring the undoctored truth to weary souls. You and the harvest app have been invaluble and i thank you for heeding to God. Keep preaching and keep your chin up. From Isaac

  2. Nathalie says:

    We would love to have you down here in Southern Illinois. Whittington church is where we attend, we also have 3 Angels Broadcasting. We have begun an annual Christian Harvest at Rent One Stadium. I can begin making contacts if you would be interested! I believe we would greatly benefit from your sermons and discussions. Have a Blessed day!

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