Check out this video from “The Elephant Room.”

Recently, I was in Chicago for something called “The Elephant Room,” an amazing leaders’ event put together by my friend, James MacDonald.
Here is a clip where I have a discussion about predestination and calling people to Christ with Mark Driscoll.
There are two video clips:
#1 Evangelism and the Elect
#2 Gun Collectors, Not Soldiers
Let me know what you think:

4 thoughts on “Check out this video from “The Elephant Room.””

  1. Joey Roper says:

    Hello Pastor Greg
    My name is Joey Roper. My family and I are missionaries in Herborn, Germany. We are originally from CC Chino Hills and have now been serving here for 2 1/2 years now.
    First of all, I wanted to let you know that I am super blessed with your blog. I am constantly checking it out to be encouraged in my walk with Christ.
    Secondly, regarding the Elephant Room videos. It is so funny that you asked our thoughts on the videos. My wife and I have been watching them on Pastor James blog for the past weeks now. We have been super blessed with each of them. My wife has been saying, “When is Greg going to be on one of these videos?” So when I saw that you were on some of them this time, we were excited to see and hear what you would say.
    We are extremely blessed by what you shared!

    We are hoping to get these DVD’s soon!

    Lastly, when are you planning on coming out to Germany? We would love to have a Harvest Crusade here!

    God Bless you in all that you do!

    Joey Roper

  2. henrybish says:

    Hi brother Laurie,

    those were great videos. As one who is from a pentecostal/arminian background myself, but have come to embrace reformed theology (still believe in the gifts though!), I’m so glad to see people from different ‘camps’ get together and talk about things. I long for us all to ‘agree with one another’ (2Cor13:11) ‘be of one mind’ (Phil2:2), be ‘of one accord’ (Acts1:14),
    and ‘have unity of mind’ (1Pet3:8). But to reach this place we need to get together and talk and learn from eachother.

    God Bless you sir!

  3. Joey Roper says:

    Greg, my family and I are missionaries in Germany. We are originally from CC Chino Hills. First of all I want you to know how blessed I am with your blog. I am constantly checking it out.
    Regarding the elephant room. My wife and I have been watching all of the little videos that pastor James has been putting up. It is quite funny that you asked because my wife has been asking, “when is Greg going to be on one of these videos?” well we just watched them last night before we went to bed and we were completely blessed on what you shared. We really want to get this whole DVD series, although it is a little costly, we are hoping to get it and have it shipped out here to Deutschland.
    Continue to be faithful in proclaiming the Gospel!

    By the way, when are you going to come to Germany and do a crusade. The Germans need to hear it so desperately.

    God Bless you!

    Joey Roper

  4. Karla I. Souve' says:

    That’s intense! Really informative to the Christian community as well as the lay individual or unsaved. Powerful truths and insights. Wish you could have showed more of the video. Good to Know.


    BTW Great introduction to Acts 1:1-11 and Church foundational truths last evening. Looking forward to National Prayer Study next week. And Sunday Service.

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