What About Self-Defense and the Use of Force?

There is some debate among believers as to whether or not is ever justified to use force.

I addressed this both yesterday and today on our A New Beginning radio broadcast on “The Biblical Worldview on Self-Defense and Retaliation.”

I covered the verses that are often quoted on both sides of this debate and seek to show the proper biblical balance.

You can listen to these programs at the following links: part one and part two.

One thought on “What About Self-Defense and the Use of Force?”

  1. Treading water says:

    The verse “turn the other cheek” made me a target of bullies growing up because I saw it as a pacifist type of verse.
    But it seems if someone is to strike your cheek, that is more of a disrespectful insult. We should not escalate a situation by returning an insult with an insult, which in turn can lead to violence.
    I actually have been slapped once before in growing up by a guy who wanted to fight me, I didn’t slap him back and the instance came if nothing. I even had some people disrespect me to try and provoke me to fight, i just humbly walked away because why fight over someone wanting to prove something to their own ego. as Christians, we should be defusers of violence and not instigators of needless violence.

    However, I have read a verse by Jesus when he told his disciples to go into town to buy a sword. The bible also speaks of the sin of omission. I was a cop for a year and had to use violence to restrain criminals attacking the innocent. I truly believe that if I sat back and did nothing in those situations, to me it would have been sin.

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