Plug In and Keep Charged

When I travel, I take my laptop computer with me, because I try to work on my messages. But often I must work off the battery, so whenever I get the opportunity, I plug in to the nearest electrical outlet. Why? Because my battery is running down, and I need to recharge.

I think a lot of us function that way as believers. We come to church and get plugged in spiritually, and then we try to run off that energy all week long. We don’t realize that the power is wherever we go. We need to get plugged in all the time.

But we have to make time for it. We must grab it where we can get it. Read some Scripture verses when you get up in the morning. Listen to some worship music or a Bible study on your way to work or school. Take the moments where you can find them to plug in constantly and stay tapped into all that God has for you.

The Bible is our portable battery. We can take it with us everywhere, and it will always provide us with the energy and inspiration we need to keep moving forward. So when you are feeling distressed, or you are not sure you have the energy to keep spreading the message, make sure to spend time in the Word. Plug yourself into the outlet of God’s truth that always keeps you charged.

4 thoughts on “Plug In and Keep Charged”

  1. Arden Bailey says:

    I listen to your podcasts on my phone every day on the way home from work. I like how you infuse humor into the messages. It really brings the point of your messages across. It’s a great way to hear God’s Word.

  2. chris tidwell says:

    This is why I started listening to new beginning on the radio. It gives me something to look forwad to each day while im at work. Nothing charges my spirtual battery like listening to you as I get settled in my day at work. Pator Greg I thank God for you just about as often as I pray. The illustration you use to teach God’s word is just wonderful and I am so blessed that i found on the radio one morning. Your teachings have become part of my day at work and you always make me feel closer to God. I love and appreciate you so much. You are an inspiration to me and I could never thank you enough for all you do for the Glory Of God. Christopher

  3. Greg Denham says:


  4. Jimmy Norman says:

    I enjoy how you teach. I hope you will continue to put Jesus first. Your stuff has been a vessle that God has use to teach me in my walk. Blessings. Jimmy Norman, I go to Calvary Chapel Ramona, California

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