Our Internet audience for this year’s SoCal Harvest almost tripled!

Here is a mind-blowing stat:
Over the weekend, online viewers connected with the Anaheim Harvest
webcast a total of 1,303,332 times.
We had viewers from all 50 states and from 63 countries around the world!
That is far and away the largest response EVER from online viewers.
It is almost triple what we had last year.

5 thoughts on “Our Internet audience for this year’s SoCal Harvest almost tripled!”

  1. Sean says:

    Amazing, but I’m not sure why I should be amazed. In these times of uncertainty, people are desperate for something certain. What could be more certain than the Rock of our salvation, our Lord Jesus? The Lord gets ALL the glory, but social media were definitely involved in this worldwide explosion of interest. God bless and keep you!

  2. mike says:

    God is so Good! To God be the Glory..

  3. Gary Avants says:

    Dear Greg,
    The Lord is moving. I really think that the hardships of loosing your son has given your message more depth. People know when they are hearing real people talk about struggles they have experienced. They also can see the Lord’s healing and hand in the trouble. I know we are heading into a time of persecution and testing of people’s faith. I pray that it will be a time when they will not be bogged down by troubles of this life but see it as the door of the Lord opening.

  4. georgia says:

    im so happy and bless wish if i was there maybe u could come to jamaica one day

  5. Youngja Kim says:

    Thank you Pastor Greg!
    The expression of the people who accepted Christ is beautiful.

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