We had an amazing night at Dodger Stadium!

Good Morning Everyone-
Wow, what a night we had at Dodger Stadium. 50,000 people showed up for the L.A. Harvest and thousands more listened on over 500 radio stations across the United States. We had thousands more view it on the Internet as well.

But the most exciting thing is we saw 5,934 people come on the field to make a profession of faith to follow Christ!
All told, we gave out 7,700 Start! Bibles so that number my even be higher.
Thank you for your prayers and TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

22 thoughts on “We had an amazing night at Dodger Stadium!”

  1. christy says:

    wow,it was really amazing and overwhelming! God is really good, Ptr Greg. As people came and walked forward to accept Jesus in their hearts i was praying for them too. It was my first time to attend your crusade with my husband and son with my friends. I truly, truly thank God for your life . In behalf of my family, we speak good health, and more blessings to you and your love ones. You are really God’s ambassador of His gospel. Praise God!

  2. sara zapata says:

    I worked as a decision worker Saturday nite, and it was truly a Holy Spirit filled night! The “City of Angels” was awaken by God’s mighty hand! For one night Dodger Stadium became the house of our Lord! Let’s pray for the new members of Christ, that God give them the strength, courage to remain steadfast! All honor & glory to our Savior!
    Next year 2 days @ LA Harvest!! PTL!!

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