Tonight at Harvest Orange County

Have you ever been discouraged as a Christian?
Have you ever felt that your life has been a failure?
And do you know what it is like to be frightened about the future?
Well, take heart! You’re not the first child of God to feel this way.
In fact, it may surprise you to know that none other than the great apostle Paul seemed to be struggling with these very same problems.
We will see what Jesus both did and said to revive Paul as He gave to him “Christ’s Call to Courage” in my message tonight at Harvest Orange County.
There will also be special music from Crystal Lewis!

It all starts at 7:00 PM, PDT.

It will also be webcast live at

2 thoughts on “Tonight at Harvest Orange County”

  1. rick baldwin says:

    this will be the bleakest Christmas i’ve ever gone through, my mom died earlier this year, i’m about to lose my job of 35 years,&now the woman i waited my life for has coldly dumped me with no explanation…. i wonder if God has anything to do with my personal life,i’ve been a Christian for many years but right now i see no use for prayer,He seems powerless to help me as my prayers bounce off the ceiling & i can’t get out of my lifelong rut

  2. Mary Lopez says:

    One of my son’s is currently in a kinda undescriblable funk, where he is not driven to do anything independant of my requests. I would like to see him move on his own accord to getting a job, be actively involved in drawing close to the Lord. Please pray for his very lazy attitude, he may need prayer for Salvation, I’d sure appreciate your prayers. Love in Christ, Kathy. PS I love your messages! God bless you Greg and everyone on staff and your family! 🙂

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