This Sunday at Harvest Riverside and Orange County: Randy Alcorn!

I am really looking forward to having my friend Randy Alcorn at Harvest Riverside and Orange County this weekend.

Randy is a prolific author of such classics as Heaven and many more. I think his book Heaven is the finest I have read on the subject and I have read many. Add to that one of his newer books, If God Is Good.

Randy is also the author of many outstanding fiction books, including Safely home, which I recently read.

Randy Alcorn has an eternal perspective in his writing and speaking that always moves people closer to God. I know you will be blessed as you listen in on this interview/Bible study we will have together.

We will talk about topics like, “Why is there suffering in the world?”, “How can God use trials in our lives”, “What happens after we die?”, “What is heaven like?” and much much more.

If you would like me to ask Randy one of your questions, post them here.

9 thoughts on “This Sunday at Harvest Riverside and Orange County: Randy Alcorn!”

  1. Sharon Ellwood says:

    So sorry I missed it.I will watch it online.I’ve read many of his books.Although I live in San Bernardino and I attend The Rock Church,World and Outreach Center,I go to Calvary Chapel whenever I can.

  2. Flora Cruz says:

    The physical bodies that we are in now, will they be the same in heaven as far as physical pain (broken legs, head injury, spinal disc shift, etc.) that we are struggling with now, will our bodies be restored when we go to heaven and feel pain free?

  3. Staci says:

    Will we still know our family as “mom, dad, sister brother, husband wife?”

  4. Stacy says:

    My step-father passed away this past spring from cancer. He was jewish and prayed often to God Jehovah. My mother would say she would hear him in bed talking to God at night. I also witnessed to him about Jesus, but he never accepted him (at least with me). Now that there is no more “Abraham’s Bosom” in Hades, where would his soul go upon his death? I loved him and wonder as I think of him. Thanks.

  5. Lori Sears says:

    Once we are in heaven will remember being here on earth? Will we remember our family and friends?

    The second someone dies, where do they go? Is there a resting place before we make it to our final destination.

  6. Kory says:

    My 7 year old said she has been to heaven in her dreams, she told me one of her dreams, what I want to ask is why did she not only seen the beauty and Jesus but she also saw a two headed being with the eyes each. She said it scared her. Was it the unknown.? She said she has never been to hell in her dreams. I know dreams are vision for some people. She is only seven. God would not have mentioned dreams in the bible if they were not important. Also she was too little to know my mom when she died but she said she saw her there. She has not read any of the heaven books . She also did say that Jesus had this glow all around him.

  7. MaryAnn Roach says:

    My 19yr old son went to heaven 2yrs ago after a pole vaulting accident. Is there anyway to know what he is doing now while waiting for the rapture and do you think he can see us and hear us when we tell him we love and miss him?

  8. Kathy Giles says:

    Can someone in heaven see what we are doing? Are they able to come back and visit us?

  9. Karla I. Souve' says:

    Pastor Greg,

    I have a question for Randy. If heaven is our eternal destination, and there are many eternities, how do we know we have arrived?

    Thank you,


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