“Shop till you drop”?

There is a lot of pressure on right now to “shop till you drop” for Christmas.

But let’s remember, the real message of this season is not “Let it snow!” or “Let us shop!” but rather “Let us worship!”

Christmas cannot deliver on its promise, but Christ can.

Here is what we need in this holiday season:

Not presents, but His presence.

Not merriment, but the Messiah.

Not “Good will,” but God.

The message of the incarnation is “God is with us.”

Anything or anyone short of this will disappoint. But God never will.

One thought on ““Shop till you drop”?”

  1. Mary V.G. says:

    Pastor Greg, I am most grateful for the encouragement(s) that becoming focused on The Word: in that obedience is the only path to the Lord. As these are far the most enduring of gift(s). For me to know the Lord; will never overlook nor disregard my person; makes me the more focused, during this most competitive time of the year!

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