Red: The Color of Christmas

Why is red the color of Christmas?
In this special video shot in New York City, I share from a number of biblical vignettes about some of the significance of this color—and what it should mean to us during this important holiday season.

8 thoughts on “Red: The Color of Christmas”

  1. Jo Ann Weber says:

    Thank you– continue the work God has called you to at this time. People are listening & hearing. Praise be to God.

  2. PBJHeiselt says:

    Pastor Greg this is a brilliant video. The graphic and music are timeless, but the message is priceless. Thank you for an opportunity to “share” with my FB and Twitter friends. Merry Christmas to you and your family at Harvest.

  3. Lawrence says:

    Very nice. Like this. Thank you Lord, Child was born to save us all.

  4. Dennis says:

    Thank you for this reminder as to what Christmas is really all about. I was wondering if this could be made available on DVD to be purchased possibly?

  5. Brent &Alice Bechtel says:

    A God Moment!
    We are in NYC and went to the trade center memorial, Alice received a 911 bracelet from harvest 10 years ago and has prayed for “Mary Lou Hague” and her family. As we looked for her name on the granite memorial on the south tower we wanted to take a picture of her name. A man standing next to this asked “did you know mary lou”? Alice explained of her bracelet and the man said “Oh she was my sister! They cried and hugged and exchanged pictures and emails. No not just a chance meeting but a GOD moment!
    Brent and Alice Bechtel

  6. Lee Broad says:

    THis is a wonderful Christmas gift to all of us. Thank you, Greg.

  7. Cathy Marino says:

    Thanks for all you and Cathe do for us… May God continue to bless and multiple the reach of this ministry..

  8. jesus anchondo says:

    Great message Greg. I hope everyone gets to watch this video. God bless

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