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Red: The Color of Christmas

Why is Red the color of Christmas?
Watch this short film that I recently shot in NYC for the answer.
Pass it on to a friend too!

Click here to watch!

3 thoughts on “Check this out!”

  1. Greg Denham says:

    Enjoyed that!

  2. Mary V.G. says:

    Dear Pastor Greg, Most grateful for the short film. You disclosed how The Heavenly Father; chronologically designed salvation! Along with the dismantling of those spiritual, and physical barriers; for the continuity of the vital chronological ‘Semetic blood-line’, progressing toward the birth, life-ministry, shedding the blood of Jesus on the tree: As you properly disclosed throughout this most effective/visual film. And, have a Merry Christmas!

  3. Lisa Parson says:

    I really enjoyed the message of “RED” the color of Christmas thank you for sharing

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