Don’t miss my interview tonight with Chuck Smith!

We will have a special time together and we revisit the amazing story of Charles Ward Smith.

You may be surprised to know that despite his ready smile Chuck has faced many setbacks and major tragedy in his life.
That makes his optimistic faith only more impressive.
In addition to finding out about his life and philosophy I  will ask Chuck some unexpected questions that I am certain you will enjoy.
We will have a special set of songs from our Harvest worship band from the “Jesus movement” days as well as a set by my friend,Dennis Agajanian.

This will be broadcast live at at 7:00 PM,PST

and will not be archived at present.

So,don’t miss it!

This is going to be captured in HD for later viewing as well.

21 thoughts on “Don’t miss my interview tonight with Chuck Smith!”

  1. Mary Packard says:

    You are in our prayers at CCM West Melbourne, Florida. Meeting you here was a very special moment for me. There were so many years that I searched for someting. I didn’t even know what it was. I met God at ccm. Thankyou for your obedience to God and all the things you have done. We love and respect you and know God is watching over you.May the LORD bless you and keep you

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