Attention All Singles!

I am dealing tonight with issues like:
Can you be happily single, and for that matter, married?
What qualities should you look for in a potential mate?
What about living together before marriage?
Is sex ever allowed before marriage?
I will deal with this and much more tonight, in my message at
Harvest Orange County: “Hope for Lonely Hearts.”
It starts at 7:00 PM, PST.
It will be webcast LIVE at

5 thoughts on “Attention All Singles!”

  1. mike abrantes says:

    Hi pastor G just reading through your singles foments. Was married for over 22years before she decided she no longer waited to be married. I also played a roll in this divorce, all though I did not start the process. Since then I have been trying to be even stronger in the faith. I have been single now for over 10 years and praying for a new wife. I would like to thank you for this new hope message on marriage, it has shown me God is still listening. Hope he sends someone soon. Thanks for taking the time for myself and others.

  2. Tim says:

    I hope to see a video clip on this topic. God is good and I know he will always give us the strength we need to keep us going. Brother please pray that God will keep me busy everyday with the things He wants me to do and not worry about longing for a relationship in this world… Although someday I would wish to meet and be with the person God has intended for me… but It would really be even better if I meet our Lord soon^_^! God Bless you and more power to the ministry that the Lord hath laid in your heart!

    to others: I realize I am not alone… and even if I was… the Lord is always beside me. And not just watching me^_^! Let’s just do our best to please Him while we wait for His will… Everyone take care and may the Lord bless each and everyone’s heart! and Oh uhmmm please pray for me while I’m underway and far away from home. Thank you to everyone!

  3. Justine says:

    woohoo for a message for singles! 😀 Thanks for taking the time to speak on this topic.

  4. Tim Salisbury says:

    Hello Greg, I am not sure if this message will get to you to read but I hope it does. I live in Australia a long way from California, I really enjoy following your journey with the lord, it brings hope and a smile to my face just reading your books and following your relationship with God / biblical doctrine and guidance reading the NASB. A close friend and I put the lord at the forefront of our lives but for some reason you and John MacArthur live in California. Well hopefully one day soon we can both come over to listen to you preach the lords word. I pray that one day I can stand in front of you and say ” thank you for touching my heart with Gods great word”

  5. Sandra Fowler says:

    I hope the webcast works for me in WA State. I’m 49 Sunday, single. I do not meet God fearing, Christ following eligible men.

    I am General Counsel for a DOE Prime Contractor so it is not easy for me to date anyone. Without God’s intervention I will find no Christian husband.

    I am content-happy person, but I do want a life long commitment (marriage) to fulfill desires for companionship, intellect, travel, and ministries together.

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