This Sunday at Harvest: Hope for Hurting Marriages

Is your marriage in trouble? Is it hanging by a thread?

Does it seem like it is  headed for divorce?

I have good news for you. . . .Hope is on the way.

This Sunday, my message at  Harvest Riverside and Orange County will be “Hope for Hurting Marriages.”

So come with an open heart and an open Bible and let’s see what the Lord will do in your hurting marriage.

Our service times at Harvest Riverside are 7:30, 9:30, and 11:30 am. Harvest OC service times are 9:30 and 11:30 am.

It will all be webcast live at


This will also be a good message for you singles out there, as we will explore what marriage is all about.


5 thoughts on “This Sunday at Harvest: Hope for Hurting Marriages”

  1. Celina Diaz says:

    I heard your last message on Sunday on marriage. I thought it was sweet how you married Cathe when she was 18! But now I have a question, I’m a high school senior &I work part time at C28. In economics we are leaning about the cost of living, & now that I am coming up to turning that big 18, my question is… HOW DID YOU GUYS SURVIVE FINANCIALLY?!

  2. Jaelyn says:

    When marriage is in trouble? You have to turn it over to the Lord.
    Ask God.
    Then.. show unconditional love to your spouse.
    We all have to learn to love without conditions. Just like the Lord loves us.
    He free forgives us and we must do the same … especially to our spouse.

  3. jessica german says:

    I felt compelled to come to church this morning and I am so glad I did. Though it is too late for me and my ex husband (we were divorced in 2010) it shed alot of light on the trouble in marriages that can happen. I know that both partners do have to be commited in making the marriage work, and that was not the case with us. Thank you for the insightfulness.

  4. Hanging thread says:

    What do I do when here I am in my marriage just waiting for my 8 yr old to launch to college, I have a very irresponsible spouse, bounces checks even when there is no shortage of money is one ex, tells my parents to leave when they are my babysitters and they have no where to go, have tried nice ways of saying things, does not work,works for 1 week when yelled at. What is the point of staying to gather when it is only causing my load to get heavier why stay with ? Other than for my baby until launched.

  5. Carmen Covarrubias says:

    I have lost hope for my marriage I turly believe that it’s over. My husband has been living away since Feb 2011 and now believed to have found someone but I’m still believing God that one day he be back. We;re stil married by I don’t feel reay yet for a divorce, please keep me in your prayers..God bless

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