This Thursday at Harvest Orange County: A Brand-New Series

“Better Than Happiness”
That is the title I have given to the new series I am doing from the Book of Philippians.
But what could possibly be better than being happy?

Answer: being joyful!
And that is the theme that bubbles up from this book from start to finish.

Now, it would be one thing if Paul was sitting on some mediterranean beach or in front of a fire in the comfort of home when he wrote it. But the fact is he was in prison when these words were put to parchment, some 2000 years ago, for a letter that we now call the Book of Philippians.

Yet these words still resonate with so much truth in our high-tech but unhappy world.

So join me this Thursday at Harvest Orange County for this brand-new series.

2 thoughts on “This Thursday at Harvest Orange County: A Brand-New Series”

  1. Belinda Sierra says:

    Hope to be able to get this on my phone.. app

  2. Belinda Sierra says:

    Dear Brother Greg,
    will this also be avaiable for e-readers or computers..or androids phones? ?? pray so.. well if not..then im on my own..reading the book of phillipians… I love phillipians 4:6-7… My husband and I learned this scriptur together..we challenged one another..and you know what.. I love it! haha.. helps always to keep Gods word engraved.

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