Tonight at Harvest OC: The Way to Up Is Down!

I know that’s an unusual statement, but it’s true.
I might add that the way to success is through humility. The way to self-fulfillment is thinking of others first.
Here’s one that may surprise you: The way to happiness is sadness!
Curious as to what this all means?
Then join me TONIGHT at Harvest Orange County for our service.
It starts at 7:00 pm, PST.
I will also be joined by special musical guest, LEELAND!
It will be webcast LIVE at

2 thoughts on “Tonight at Harvest OC: The Way to Up Is Down!”

  1. Salma says:

    Realize you’re very busy, but I also got a lot out of the devotionals you used in ppeoaratirn for Wednesday night. Any chance you might do one of those, maybe once a week? Really loved them, your scholarship shows, especially translating the words from the original text, it really helped clarify the concepts you were addressing. And, you do really well behind the pulpit. I could see people leaning forward to listen. That’s a good sign that someone is a natural teacher.

  2. AJ says:

    Hello Pastor Greg, I live in Greenville SC and your messages have really touched my life. Thank you for staying true to the Bible and to God.
    I was prodigal daughter for many years and thru the grace of Christ, I found my way back and then begin to back slide again. With non Christian friens and just trying to fit in at the age of 50ty. It is amazing that when you are lonely the devil can fill your life with arrows of death and blind you to the truth. Then God landed my radio station on your daily show and has brought me back into the fold. With your direct sermons on subjects that most preachers would never dare speak on you have opened my ears, eyes and heart to my sin and have humbled me again before my Savior, King and God.
    I will be listing to your sermon tonight via my smart phone at 10:00 pm EST.
    Thank you

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