Sunday at Harvest Riverside and Orange County

We all have questions about heaven:
What’s it like?
What will we do?
What will we remember?
Will we recognize one another?
Find biblical answers to these questions and more tomorrow at Harvest Riverside and Orange County in my message
“The Blessed Hope.”
This is the second to last message in my Hope for Hurting Hearts series.
Come join us in person or watch the live webcast at

5 thoughts on “Sunday at Harvest Riverside and Orange County”

  1. sheryell pinkney says:

    I want to give all praise to Christ for bringing my son back to life again and giving him a second chance on being a man. Thank you so much pastor Laurie for your great wise words of wisdom and teachings of Christ, your ministry is devine.Thank you for all that you do for Gods people.

  2. Andi Shimek says:

    July 12, 2009 is the day life stood still for me and my family. The heart of our family, the very air that we breathed was ripped from our lives… My son, Kevin, was a vibrant 22yr old senior at Texas State University and had the world by the tail. He was killed in a senseless, selfish, irresponsible, negligent act by the driver of the vehicle he was in with 2 other passengers. 4 total… Kevin was the one that died. Kevin was a Christian. I know who has him now, but the whole this has left in my life, my heart, our whole family… I can not seem to get passed. I read, I pray, I tell myself that this is all part of God’s plan, but nothing helps. There no sense to any of this, more especially the way he died. The criminal trial for the driver is coming up in a few weeks. I have so many mixed emotions about it. What in the world could possibly be his defense? He was twice over the legal limit; driving 98 miles an hour when they his the first tree, then the second, then rolled and slide another 300 feet. They were 1/10th of a mile from the driveway! How do you defend that? This whole thing was so totally out of character for Kevin. He was always the one driving, taking care of his friends and he always wore a seat belt. He was doing neither that night. We had a toxicology report run on Kevin. He was not intoxicated and had no other substances in his system. So why! Why did he put himself in such a dangerous situation? I just want peace. And I want the day to hurry and get here so I can be with my son again. God help me please!

  3. sheryell pinkney says:

    pray for my son torrieon that he returns to praise and that the lord.Give him the understanding that he needs to know God and return to church. He has bipolar, schizophrenia manic depressant. Please pray for me that he don’t harm me.

    1. sheryell says:

      Thank you all for the prayers, my son has really come a long way with his illness, I can say he is 85% back on track and back in church and enjoying every minute of it. God truely works and is a awesome healer.

  4. paul strohl says:

    Hi greg,just a quick note to say thanks for all the great messages you preach at our church sunday mornings, i have been learning alot since i have been attending harvest,and like you and your wife, i to have lost a son, his name was eddie,who passed away july 2003, and i just wanted to say by way of encouragement that we will see our sons again. take care, GOD bless, psalms 63:1, paul strohl

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