Check out our new TV Program!

A special preview of our new TV program premiering Friday night just for you.
Check it out and send this link to others.
Also, let me know what you think!

5 thoughts on “Check out our new TV Program!”

  1. joe donahue sr. says:

    great to see back GODS still useing you keep on doing his work thank yoy GOD 4 brothers like pastor greg GOD BLESS you and yours joe&eddie

  2. Tony R. says:

    I sure got some great blessings from the first program, Greg. I can sure relate to having a loved one waiting for me in heaven. My precious soul mate Barb went to the Lord December 18th, 2009 at only 65 years of age from complications of lupus. I only thought I knew pain and a broken heart from my parents’ passing. Nothing comes close to losing the other half of your heart, your beloved wife! We were both brought together late in life by our Lord, neither of us having ever been married before. Those almost 14 years of marriage, almost 17 of knowing each other were but the blink of an eye, Greg. Where did all those years of happiness, joy and love go? They were snatched up so very abruptly. Like you, I am anxious to see Jesus, but I am really anxious to be reunited with my precious angel Barb. By all that’s going on now, and all the prophecy experts are saying, maybe it won’t be much longer. God bless your ministry. In Him, Tony <

  3. Michael Gardner says:

    In a word….Awesome!

  4. Beto Hernandez says:

    Dear Pastor Greg,
    Just a few lines to thank God, in Jesus’ Name, for blessing us with you, your family, all our pastors, elders, the worship team, your Staff and their families for being our Shepherds here on earth.
    May He bless and continue to use you to spread the Gospel and Harvest America.
    Your Brother in Christ,
    Beto and Hernandez family.

  5. Sharon Ellwood says:

    What time and channel?

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