3 thoughts on “Our new TV program is on TONIGHT!”

  1. Josie says:

    Pastor Greg, I have not seen the TV program yet, i will see tonight, but I do hear you on the radio in the morning going to work, and I love your message as I drive to work, I learn day by day something new on God’s word, God Bless you Pastor Greg.

  2. Fletcher McLane says:

    Love what your doing for the Lord Jesus

  3. Fletcher McLane says:

    Born again Christian since 99.. was weight lifter,body bulider,wrestler(pro) from Miama,recruited by Pros in football..Now do personal training and no smoke, drugs or drinking.. gift of evangelizing to all I can and give my testimony..Just found out I have throat cancer stage 5..after 1 yrear of chcking eveyone looked at my physic and staid I was just pulled or strained something in my throat..now facing surgery.. turned 50 jan 30.. no insurance or income if this gets worse.. Please pray. thanks God Bless

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