This weekend at Harvest we start our new Series of messages from Revelation.

The Book of Revelation.

Some feel it is too complex for us to understand today. I could not disagree more. Did you know that the very word “Revelation” means to unveil or uncover?

God has not given us this amazing book to hide things from us but rather to reveal. Revelation tells us about our past, present, and future.

Yes, in this great book we will learn about Antichrist, Armageddon, the Great Tribulation period, the Rapture, and much more. But the primary point of the book of Revelation is to reveal Jesus to us!

It is the “revelation of Jesus Christ!” (Revelation 1:1).

Not only do we see more of Jesus in this book, but there is a special blessing attached to the person who reads and does what it says. Now, don’t you want to be blessed?

If so, join us for our brand new series of messages from the Book of Revelation, starting this Sunday at Harvest Riverside and Orange County.

The title of my first message in this series is “The Next Dimension.”
Come join us for one of our live services or watch online at

8 thoughts on “This weekend at Harvest we start our new Series of messages from Revelation.”

  1. Noelle Clark says:

    I am starting a small women’s group using Greg’s bible study on revelation…is there a group of videos that I could use with this?

    1. Brian Jackson says:

      Hi Noelle,
      You can go to and search for Pastor Greg’s Revelation series. The book is based on those messages, though they may not exactly correspond to each chapter.

  2. victor says:

    what time on sundays can i catch greg laurie live in riverside main campus?

  3. Richard Schroeder says:

    Greg I have been listening to your pastoring for a few yrs now an never have I been able to personally comend you on your God given abilities to express the Truth in the Word as you do I have 6 apps on my iPhone an listen to different angles an approaches to the Word ! You have a awesome ministry an may God bless an be blessed by it!! Ann an amen Rich S.

  4. Willie says:

    What time will the online live broadcast begin?

  5. voltaire dieudonne says:

    i thank God for your ministry…i m originally from Haiti and i had a personal encounter with Christ since february 2004 and i ll never forget that date,eversince then the Holy Spirit has been changing my heart,best thing that could ever happened to make a long story short,i live in philadelphia for almost 5 yrs. now and been listening to radio program all the times and your preachings have been a blessing,i ve learned so much from it and i m so glad God has raised preachers like you…Christ bless you and yours !!!

  6. susan says:

    when will the revelation series be available to view online?

  7. Jenny Groves says:

    Years ago i went to small church that did 13 part study on revelation
    I thoroughly enjoyed the revelation of this book. I am in australia
    And i would love to listen in.

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