Don’t miss our TV program TONIGHT!

Make sure you watch Part 1 of my message “Hope for America” on our brand new TV program.

There is no question about it; America needs a revival.
But what exactly is a revival and is there anything we as Christians do to bring it about?

Go to this website for showings of our program in your area, or you can watch it on demand right now.

One thought on “Don’t miss our TV program TONIGHT!”

  1. Joan Davis says:

    Attended the Harvest Crusade from 1991 to 2006 and Harvest Christian Fellowship from 2004 to 2006–miss it all tremendously–can’t wait to gather with the Body of Christ at the feet of Jesus…
    Looking forward to Harvest Crusade–it is going to be televised (closed circuit]here in Grand Junction CO. We are all so excited to know the Gospel will be presented in the Harvest “way” so clear, so literal and so true. Blessings on all…

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