This Sunday at Harvest Riverside and Orange County-

This Sunday at Harvest Riverside and Orange County we continue in our new series, “Revelation: The Next Dimension.” We are going to be looking at what Jesus thinks of the church.
When you stop and consider the fact that those of us who are believers are part of the church, we are really seeing what Jesus thinks of us!
The church we will start with is the Church of Ephesus (Revelation 2).
Jesus said that they were “leaving their first love.” What does that mean, to “leave one’s first love”?
We will talk about that and much more on Sunday.
You can join us live or watch online at

6 thoughts on “This Sunday at Harvest Riverside and Orange County-”

  1. Patti Byerly says:

    We have such an awesome, loving, caring and giving God – and for that I am sooo appreciateve 🙂

  2. Patti Byerly says:

    Good mornining Greg,
    so grateful that God has brought you to us and you have such a great passion for the gospel – I brought my brother Gordon Mccamon to harvest 8 years ago and he committed his life to Christ and has been fully committed ever since and has so much love for God – well he recently was diagnosed with terminal cancer and needs your prayers please.. thank you and God Bless and thanks for all you do.

  3. Maggie says:

    Greg thank for being there all these years.

  4. Mary G. says:

    I was in attendance at Harvest… for your helpful expounding on the Church of Ephesus…On what is meant by ‘the leaving of ones first love’? It was most ‘enlightening’! And always the best, and blessings.

  5. Virginia Soto says:

    Hello Greg,its been years since my brother introduced me Greg Laurie,and that song “Undecided “a song harvest would sing…maybe25 years…I never forgot that song I still sing it and I’ve been too a few of your crusade in Anaheim CA. Now I found you on tweeter harvest has been one of my first loves. : ) .

  6. Sister says:

    Pastor Greg here is a recipe for that frog in your throat:
    fresh ginger(2x size of the clove)
    1 garlic clove
    6 cups of water
    boil and drink like tea sweeten it with some honey
    I hope it helps is what i use for the cough but ask your Dr if you are drinking any meds. I hope it helps!!!! God Bless!

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