Are There “Secrets” to Spiritual Growth?

Why is it that some people grow faster spiritually than others?

Why is it that some people make a commitment to follow Jesus Christ and then fall away, while others make a commitment that lasts a lifetime?

Some will even say, “I tried Christianity, and it didn’t work for me!”

Tonight at Harvest Orange County, I will teach a new series that I am calling What Every Growing Christian Needs to Know.

You can join us live or watch the live webcast at 7:00 PM, Pacific at

3 thoughts on “Are There “Secrets” to Spiritual Growth?”

  1. Scott Werner says:

    To me it is all in the pride. How willing are you to surrender your life – your will over to God? It is Gods will not yours that allows you to grow and become a faithful Christian. Untill you totally surrender your growth will always be slow if not stopped.

  2. Jackie Olivier says:

    Dear Greg L.
    My cousin Phil G. has been recovery from a surgery on his heart. I just found out about it and I called him. He just gave his life to the Lord. He lives in California and surprisingly he’s newly married too. So Please pray for him and his wife. Thank you
    and God bless. I am thinking of having him look your church up. Jackie O. He lives near or in Pacfic and San Francisco. He is in your age group, newly retired as well.

  3. Bobbi Bradshaw says:

    I was at Calvary, Phelan and missed the webcast, can I still view it? Church was a blessing, glad I didn’t miss that too.
    God Bless you!

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