Check Out Our Brand-New TV Show Tonight!

We have recently launched our brand new TV show, and it is most likely showing in your area.

My topic this week is “Hope for America, Part 2.”

To find out more about where you can see it, or to watch on demand, go to


2 thoughts on “Check Out Our Brand-New TV Show Tonight!”

  1. susan spain says:

    So glad you are back on TV,i live in and receive your daily devotions. thanks Greg

  2. crystal godoy says:

    i missed it, but im going to make sure i find out where i can see it and i know ill be blessed when i watch it. thank u for all the ways you have made possible to know and understand god. im always very excited to hear and share what u have to say. i would rather hear u or any good pastor all day than anything else. its great to stay positive and in the word. thank u crystal g.

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