Could You Use Some Encouraging Words?

This weekend at Harvest we will continue our new series Revelation: The Next Dimension.

We are looking at the words of Jesus to the seven churches.

This should be of great interest to us as Christians because, in effect, we are seeing what Jesus thinks of the church. And every church is made up of individual members, like you and me.

This Sunday, we will look at Christ’s words of encouragement to the church of Smyrna. This was a church that was being persecuted greatly and the people in it were suffering as a result.

Does that describe your situation right now?
Could you use some encouraging words from Christ?
Then join us for our services at Harvest Riverside or Orange County live, or watch it all online at

3 thoughts on “Could You Use Some Encouraging Words?”

  1. brittany says:

    I am a christian and I have faith God is there for me and im praying but not always does it work out. Im jus misserable.

  2. kathy hernandez says:

    I moved from riverside to washington and I miss harvest so much! I am reading the book unlocking the last days,by jeff lasseigne, this book has really opened my eyes, I do look out more for my soul,since I never though about it befor. Thanks to God I was reborn April 2004.I owe my life to harvest and the wonderful pators there. I miss you so much, at times I feel so blessed to have been part of it all,now I have to pray one day I can go back.

  3. Kell Rawluk says:

    I need help! My family I believe is under attack > this last 3 weeks situations causing horrible division .Im praying like crazy .My faith strong in the Lord < but i need wisdom how to deal with these things. Thank You

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