The Latest on Harvest America

We have reached a significant milestone this week. Over 500 churches and homes have signed on to host a Harvest America event!

But we are not even close to being done. The next few months are all about getting the word out about Harvest America.

Harvest America Sticker Sightings

Since my last update, many have ordered Harvest America stickers to help spread the word. It is not too late to get yours and starting spreading the message all over town. Join the team!

Harvest America Ambassador

The role of a Harvest Ambassador is simple: get the word out to churches in your community.

Support Harvest America Financially
In appreciation for your gift to Harvest America, I would like to send you my new resource Four Keys to Effectively Share Your Faith, along with an evangelism pack with gospel tracts and a web guide to Harvest America. Get your evangelism pack today.
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