Hope for Prodigals on This Week’s TV Show

Do you have a child that has gone prodigal? Or are you yourself a prodigal child?

By prodigal, I am speaking of someone who has been raised in a Christian home, or perhaps made a profession of faith to follow Christ earlier in their life, but has fallen away.

If you or someone you love has turned away from the faith, I have a message of hope for you!
It’s on this week’s TV program and the title is “Hope for Prodigals.”

You will hear the surprising stories of my own prodigal sons, Christopher and Jonathan.

I am sure you will be encouraged by it.

You can watch this show locally, and to find out where you could see it or to WATCH IT RIGHT NOW ON DEMAND, go to greglaurie.tv.


4 thoughts on “Hope for Prodigals on This Week’s TV Show”

  1. Dan Horner says:

    Pastor Greg – thank you and your family so much for sharing your story.

    I, for one, acknowledged with my head that my children could possibly turn from God, but how could they? I mean, my wife and I tried so hard to do everything well. How could they possibly turn from God? Right?

    But one did.

    And as a parent something dies inside.

    We continue to pray and hold out for Jesus to work in his life. We know he will but we can’t see it yet.

    Fortunately, just like you advised, we still have relationship. The door home is open.

    We hope one day to see him pick up God’s gift once again.

  2. rick says:

    i dont what to say , but iam hopefully lost i had my chance to grow in christ, teach bible stuides and many other things for Christ. But after 22 years i let the enemy crawl back into my camp and destroy me and my family. I served with fleet marine force 3rd force recon DRP PLATOON years ago. I gave my life to CHIST years ago but have since given ihto the things of old. Wish i had not wonder if GOG can stilll hear me or if he has forsaken me! Ido not blame HIM if he has i have beeen drinking the last couple years, iam kind of at my last end may he forgive me! MAY HE BLESS YOUR MINISTRY AND KEEP YOU IN HIS WILL. THANKS RICK!

  3. Sheridan says:

    Thank you Pastor Laurie, I have faith that my prodigal son will find his way back to God. Your personal story and the words of Jonathan were so moving. God bless you and your family. God bless Christopher,and in his words “What’s it gonna take to bring you back to the Lord?”

  4. mike zoller says:

    Hi Greg quick question for you. Have you seen the (180 movie.com)? What do you think of it? And do you think this should be shared at the Harvest Crusade?

    P.S The movie is by Ray Comfort and you can view it free online.
    Please let me know what you think. Have a blessed day.

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