Could you use a good dose of hope today?

Check out this weekend’s TV program where we deal with the theme of Hope.

My special musical guest is Steven Curtis Chapman and my message title is “Hope for Troubled Hearts.”

Both Steven and I know the loss of a child dying, and we share with any hurting people out there the hope that we have found in Christ through His Scripture. And that hope includes the fact that we will be reunited with our children again in heaven!

So, if you could use a good dose of hope today, watch the program on demand or go to your local TV listings to see if it’s showing in your area.

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One thought on “Could you use a good dose of hope today?”

  1. marylou levine says:

    Pastor Greg, I excepted forgiveness for my sins from God but can not could not forgive myself. I accepted Jesus forgiveness in April 2006 and got baptized that same December. My christian journey has been totally crazy making me think I have not been forgiven. I have recently moved back to Texas attending Harvest Community Church. I applied for rehire at the Bexar County Sheriffs’ Detention Center and got everyone but one person to accept my request for rehire. I try to tithe regularly but don’t always so, please pray I get a job soon and that I would get under Gods’ will for my life.

    thank you and God bless you, feeling discouraged

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