A Special Message for Mothers from Cathe Laurie

Hey Everyone!
I am in Rome, Italy along with my wife and 300 friends from around the country for a tour following in the footsteps of the great apostle Paul. But since today is Mother’s Day, I wanted to send along an article my wife wrote about the prayers of her own mother.

Reflections on My Mother’s Prayers
By Cathe Laurie.

My husband Greg has often said, “Your loved ones may escape your preaching, but they can never escape your prayers.”

For a number of years, my devout mother prayed for my sisters and me. She often sat us down on her bed and tried her best to reach our hearts with words that, honestly, went in one ear and out the other. This proved to be a great test of her faith. Time after time, I mechanically nodded in outward agreement while staring blankly out the window, wishing it would end. I learned not to disagree or raise an objection, only because it would have prolonged the torture.

I was utterly disinterested in what she was saying.

Then one day, it dawned on me: my mother had quit her daily lectures. It was a relief; no more lengthy discussions at the dinner table or in her bedroom. “Whew!” I had escaped her incessant pleading!

I had escaped her pleading with me, but not her pleading with God. It was much later, after I had come to faith, that she revealed how she had determined to quit talking and instead to diligently pray that her daughters would be saved.

I share this with you today and pray it will serve as an encouragement to you moms who have children that seem disinterested, even hostile to your faith. I know it may look hopeless at times, and you may be tempted to doubt that your prayers are being heard. But we need to know that when we pray for that lost child, our prayers are according to the will of God. Keep seeking. Keep knocking. Keep asking!

I often think of St. Augustine’s mother, Monica. As a young man, Augustine cast off his once childlike faith, but he could never cast off her prayers and her stubborn love. They followed him from their small town to the big city of Carthage, where things in his life went from bad to worse. There, Augustine’s life would be marked by what he later admitted were his “wicked ways” and “carnal corruption.”

At 29, despite Monica’s incessant pleading with him not to go, Augustine determined to set sail for Rome. Her prayer was that God would somehow prevent her son from making the journey. Despite her specific prayer that Augustine not leave, he did, and she wept and wailed in sorrow. But though God didn’t answer that specific request, He had heard the main point of her prayers. And He was at work in ways she couldn’t see. In God’s perfect plan and timing, so different from her own, the place she feared would be her son’s undoing was the place he would finally surrender to God’s will.

So may I challenge you who are weary and about to give up, don’t! Though it may be a long wait, and it may seem like God is not at work, know that He is—in ways you can’t always see.

There is a heartfelt poem written by Ruth Graham for her once prodigal son, Franklin. I pray that it will inspire you to not lose heart when it comes to your children. I pray you will trust God for their salvation, their very lives, and for God’s timing, not your own. And remember, they may escape your preaching but they can never escape your prayers.


with my Jacob,” I would pray,

“wrestle till the break of Day”;

till he, knowing who Thou art,

tho’ asked, will not let Thee depart;

saying, “I’ll not let Thee free

saving Thou wilt first bless me;”

O God of Jacob, who knew how

to change supplanters then, so now

deal, I pray, with this my son,

though he may limp when Thou art


Ruth Bell Graham, from “Prodigals and Those Who Love Them”

Based on Genesis 32:24–31


6 thoughts on “A Special Message for Mothers from Cathe Laurie”

  1. Alaina Houtz says:

    I have always believed the best thing I can do for my children is to pray for them. But I also wanted them to know my heart for them so I took to writing my prayers for them in journals. Every time I find a scripture or just feel called to I sit and write out my prayer for them that often applies the scripture to them. Some day I plan to send them one in the mail each time I send them a care package, once they leave home. It is my hope that they will see that only were they loved by me beyond measure but also that God has answered these prayers for them. It also will be something for them to hold on to when I am gone. To be able to have my words before the Lord for them. I also have bibles that I have had throughout my life that they will inherit that have my notes and prayers in them as well in the hopes what I have been taught by God will bless them.

  2. Barbara Miuccio says:

    Hi Cathe…I did not read this on yet another very unhappy Mother’s Day for me, however, it blessed my heart. My children are backsliden, I’ve been praying for over 20 years for them…wow, I guess you can say I’ve been a bit discouraged, and weiry…however…I know God is at work…and loves them more than me…thank you for these very promising words…In His Name, Barbara.

  3. Chrystal A. says:

    Hello Cathie;

    Although I did not read this on Mother’s Day it hits home and I thank you for it. With a heavy heart I cry out and will continue to pray and stop the preaching too. I see it with one of my grandchildren who claims to know Christ as Savior but I see no love for Him; but this does not mean He is not there working. My son I believe to be backsliding again as well as my daughter. They just never really get on fire. I know I can’t walk this walk for them. It’s grieving! To God be the glory. Blessings to you and yours! Awesome poem and words of wisdom! Thank you!

  4. Xabelina Vargas says:

    God is so faithful in His timeliness! I desperately needed to hear this!
    Thank you so much for posting this.
    May the Lord continue to bless those prodigals and the loved ones who continue to pray for them fervently.
    This article is an exact reflection of my life right now, and I am in such awe and amazement at how God can be so personal. He is listening!
    God bless you all!

  5. Cathy C. Reynolds says:

    Dearest Cathe,

    God Bless you for your article. I don’t have children, never been married ): , but I’ve already thought of a friend who I pray will be so encouraged. Thank you so much for your honesty and transparency. Your are so beautiful….just like your mom I’m sure. God Bless her. Hope you had a Blessed Mother’s Day.


    Cathy Reynolds

    Ps….I almost spelled your name with a “Y” (: Also I’m so happy “A New Beginning” is still on WMCA….we are so Blessed!

  6. Suzi Mangione says:

    Lovely reminders and much needed, we as mom’s tend to forget that God, our father, is who is in control at all times. And it just takes prayer. Bless you eternally for walking in faith, and staying strong in God’s work!

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