This Sunday at Harvest/Riverside and Orange County!

Hey Everyone!
Its’ good to be back home and I am looking forward to speaking this Sunday at
Harvest/Riverside and Orange County.
We had a fantastic trip to Israel,Greece,Turkey and Rome and had the excellent Harvest video crew shooting everything we saw in HD video to share with you.
This Sunday I will share some highlights from the amazing ancient city of Ephesus.
This is the first of the seven Churches we have been looking at in our Revelation series.
Jesus had some very specific warnings to them,AND US that we will pay attention to.
We will also have a special communion service after the message.
So,I hope to see you at Harvest this Memorial day weekend!
If you cannot join us in person,it will all be carried live as usual at

2 thoughts on “This Sunday at Harvest/Riverside and Orange County!”


    It was nice to follow you on the blog and see what is so real in my life in real time.I cant thank you enough.

  2. Greg Black says:

    Greg, I love how you teach and have wanted for so long to visit Harvest in Riverside, so Sunday 27th, I plan to make the drive from Redondo Bch for the 9;30 service. I look forwards to everything you have to share, and look forwards to raising my hands to Jesus. Thank you so much for all you do. Greg

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