I am speaking tonight at Harvest Orange County.

Tonight I begin a brand new series that I am calling “The Greatest Stories Ever Told.”
It’s like looking at the Bible from 30,000 feet–a flyover if you will.
We will look at those “mountain peaks” of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation.
Stories like:
Adam and Eve
Cain and Abel
Abraham and Isaac
The amazing adventures of Joseph
Noah and his ark
The list goes on, but you get the idea.
Tonight, in our first message in this series we will look at our first parents in the Garden and find out why and how they fell into temptation and how we can avoid it, in my message “Never Try to Catch a Falling Knife.”
(You will have to listen to the message to understand that curious title.)
It all happens tonight at Harvest Orange County at 7:00 PM, Pacific.
It will also be webcast LIVE at www.harvest.org.

One thought on “I am speaking tonight at Harvest Orange County.”

  1. James Triplett says:

    Thank God for your love and dedication to Jesus and His word. The more I read the Bible and with help from your ministry I continue to build on my relationship with Him. I find it amazing how the entire bible speaks of Jesus from the very beginning and throughout the Holy Bible. My wife and I are blessed to have discovered your ministry and have learned so much for the past 2yrs. May God bless you,your family and your ministry.

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