Harvest America Is Coming!

Can you believe it?
There are only 34 days until Harvest America!

What is Harvest America?
It when we take our live evangelistic event at Angel Stadium and beam it around the United States to over 1,265 churches and other venues.

We have already been providing training for the participating churches to follow up on those who respond.

Harvest America will also be carried live on TV and many radio outlets. (More to come on that later.)

Harvest America is also being joined by three nationwide ministries: Lifeway, Global Media Outreach, and Navpress.


The event itself will be epic.

I will be joined by outstanding Christian artists MercyMe and Jeremy Camp.

I will be giving a straightforward presentation of the gospel and when the invitation is being extended at Angel Stadium, it will also be extended to every live venue as well–to every person watching.

So please, pray for America and pray for Harvest America!
For more information on this event, go to www.harvestamerica.com

3 thoughts on “Harvest America Is Coming!”

  1. Sharon says:

    Thank you Greg for the outreach of Harvest America I think this will be the biggest outreach attempt to spread the Gospel to the 4 corners of the earth that could bring Jesus back faster than we could blink. I am very proud of my pastor and my Church we are one of your host churches for the simulcast also we have three sister churches joining with us in an effort to reach our area for Christ. These are exciting days we live in we truely are seeing the end times being fuflilled before our eyes so many still are blind we need a call to prayer and revival thanks again for Harvest America Sharon Van Wirt

  2. Mary Burnett says:

    Praise God for you Pastor Greg,I’m hoping and praying with you all daily that Harvest America changes hearts,and minds in such a way that it turns this world to the word of God. I’m believing for a harvest of souls for Jesus. Thank you God, in Jesus Name Amen.

  3. FORREST KEITH says:

    I pray that this will open many hearts up to god and rekindle burned out flames of Christians to repent, turn back and praise God. I pray that this will go out all around the world to every corner. Amen.

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